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"Tim Schmidt graduated from Ambassador Baptist College with a major in evangelism. From the time he arrived at college, his focus was on preparing for the ministry of evangelism, and he has never lost sight of that call. His years serving as a youth pastor have further equipped him to be a blessing to the local church. It is obvious to me that God has equipped and gifted Tim for the ministry of evangelism. God is pleased to give good fruit in the lives of believers and the unsaved alike through Tim’s faithful, forthright preaching of God’s Word."

Dr. Ron Comfort

Ambassador Baptist College

"As Tim Schmidt’s pastor, it has been my joy to watch him grow from a shy young man in junior high to a seasoned preacher of the gospel with a passion for revival and souls. Now with his dear wife Megan, the Lord is moving them into the calling he gave to Tim many years ago. They will bring to your ministry a love for Christ, urgency for revival, and a pursuit for the lost."

Pastor Mike Rodgers

Faith Baptist Tabernacle

"We had the privilege of having Evangelist Tim Schmidt for a meeting here at the Ambassador Baptist Church. We as a church were blessed during those days of ministry through the faithful preaching of God’s Word. As a pastor I appreciated Bro. Schmidt’s conviction concerning the sufficiency of Scripture, the importance of prayer and the Holy Spirit’s ministry in the life of the believer for victorious Christian living. Evangelist Schmidt’s preaching was full of biblical content, passionate, and directed to reach the heart and not just the head. I would recommend any pastor to consider having Evangelist Tim Schmidt come and preach as the Lord leads."

Pastor Ralph Irmler

Ambassador Baptist Church


The Two Minute Warning

Each year Evangelist Tim Schmidt hosts the Two Minute Warning Men’s Meeting in November. Men throughout Northern California and beyond come to be challenged and strengthened by the music and preaching of the Word of God, to be personally revived in their lives, and to be encouraged by other men from other churches.